Mental Health Prospectus

Research Article Prospectus

  • Title: Mental Health Stigma
  • Intro: I am going to write about; what exactly is the definition of stigma? Why there is a stigma against mental health? What are the resources in this area/our community, and are there enough resources? Physical health vs. mental health, why is mental health stigmatized and not physical health?
  • Goals: This topic is very important to me, because I myself have struggled with mental illness and felt stigmatized. Plus, I want to be a Psychiatric nurse, therefore I am very passionate about helping people who are struggling through mental and emotional illnesses.
  • Timeline: Once or twice a week, I will find a couple different research articles related to my topic, and find some important bullet points.
  • Conclusion: I am hoping that this research will educate me more on mental health stigma, and prepare me more for my future as a psychiatric nurse. Also, I would love to learn different ways to end or at least decrease the stigma.

Applied Project Prospectus

  • Title: NAMI NH Mental Health Advocacy
  • Intro: I will be working with NAMI NH, to help them set up mental illness advocacy trainings that they host that are free to the public. One of the trainings that I will be attending is specifically for nurses on suicide prevention. And the other training is about advocacy and how to handle the stress of mental illnesses. These programs are designed to educate the public, to help those struggling with their own personal mental illnesses, and loved ones/family members of the people struggling with mental illness.
  • Goals: I am hoping that through these trainings I will gain knowledge and experience about mental illnesses and different ways to advocate for individuals with mental illnesses as well as loved ones who are trying to help their family members through their mental illnesses. I also think the skills I will learn through these trainings could greatly help me in my future profession as a Psychiatric nurse.
  • Deliverable: I am going to either create a poster about my experience or write a blog post about my experience working with NAMI NH.
  • Timeline: One of the trainings is on March 3rd in Nashua NH, the other one I am still waiting for the date on.
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One comment

  1. Hi, Shayla, nice post. It’s wonderful that new dialogues are opening up to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and that you intend to be part of that through your research. Why/how has mental health been firmly attached to lasting negative perceptions today and what are those perceptions grounded in considering historical references? Does media do more/less harm when it comes to reporting and how so? The question makes me think of Hollywood and other forms of entertainment, cultural norms, and healthcare/governing Policies which contribute to attitudes in their own way. What about familial constructs, education and children? You’ve really got me thinking about how deep these biases can go. It’ll be interesting to see where the data leads your own thinking on this, particularly as someone with “boots on the ground”, so to speak. Beyond you, your academic community, what do you hope others might gain from your search? Who are the beneficents?
    Re: the AP
    Sounds good! How do you plan to promote your experience in conjunction with the poster you design? Is this art that you will show at an event or a campaign hashtag you’ll start, or do you plan to give a talk/series of talks? Perhaps a video or a photo essay on a blog page to go with the posts you plan to dedicate to this issue, which follow your own experience? On which forums could these deliverables find a home? Lots of questions, great topic! I am so excited to learn more.

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