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As I look through my personal learning network via Twitter, I am realizing that 90% of my tweets were in relation to mental health awareness and how to bring more positivity into ones life. This makes me very happy because those are the topics that I am most passionate about, and I am glad I got to spread the knowledge.

I absolutely loved this article that NAMI NH shared. It is about mental illness, and how to cope with it. This particular article talks about how their recovery from mental illness started at the breakfast table. They were miserable, unhappy, stressed, did not sleep; but then she realized she enjoyed her breakfast. Sometimes it is the little things that get us through the day. NAMI NH always has the best articles and I love reading them because I find them uplifting and I always seem to learn one thing or another from them.

Speaking of NAMI NH, I got the pleasure of attending and help to run one of their training’s as part of my applied project. The training was titled Suicide Prevention for Nurses ; I found it to be one of the most interesting and informative experiences of my life. We learned so much throughout those few 5 hours that the training was held. The most important thing that I took away from the training, is to always use the right vocabulary. You do not want to say, that person has a failed suicide attempt, because it is not a failure that they are still alive, and you do not want to say she had a successful suicide attempt, because it is not a success that they died. You would want to say something along the lines of; that person attempted to take their own lives but they survived, or that person took their life by suicide.

As someone who has had an eating disorder for almost 10 years now, I think it is important to celebrate my successes and my current health status. As well as encourage those who are still severely struggling with their eating disorders, because even though I am someone who has recovered, I still remember my darkest days like they were yesterday. Coming up on June 5th, 2018; I will officially be one year “sober” aka, I will have not starved myself of made myself throw up in over a year. Therefore I choose to celebrate Eating Disorder Awareness week because it is near and dear to my heart.

All the pressure in social media can make people, especially women feel like they are not good enough. Trust me, I have stood in front of a mirror, too many times to count, telling myself I am not thin enough, pretty enough, my thighs are too flabby, my ass is too big, the list could go on. But I am here to tell you something that I have learned to life by, LOVE YOUR BODY! Love your body because it is the only one you will ever have, and you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. Everyone is beautiful in there very own way.

Anxiety is something that runs in my family, and I have had to deal with it all my life. I personally believe that everybody has a little bit of anxiety in them, good and bad. But it is extremely important to know how to handle it. This article talks about 17 small but very significant lifestyle changes to help people cope with their anxiety. Such a great and informative article that I felt was very important to share with everyone. Making small changes everyday can have a significant impact on your life and your overall happiness.

This past semester has been an emotional roller coaster filled with lots of ups and downs. For a while there I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and just had way to much on my plate. Now as the semester is wrapping up and I have 5 days left until graduation, I sit back and shed a couple tears about the amazing 4 years PSU has given me. And the incredible 1 year that IDS has given me. I am going to miss this beautiful place, but I am happy to say I am moving onto bigger and better things. However, I will always be extremely proud to say that I was an IDS major at Plymouth State University.

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  1. Alright, Shayla! It’s clear your PLN provided so much in the way of connecting and sharing and learning. A wonderful reciprocal process. All the best with everything you do! Congrats!!

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